Marketing Design Lead

Looking for a Design Lead to craft compelling stories about the DevRev's mission, vision and products.
Hybrid (Bengaluru)
4 - 6 Years
Founded In
120 - 150
Palo Alto
Khosla Ventures, Mayfield, Lightspeed Ventures
Seed Round- Raised $85 million
Design at DevRev
Design means so many things at DevRev. Not only are we committed to bringing the most delightful consumer-grade experience to our customers, we apply design thinking and champion the culture of craftsmanship with everything we do, from optimizing internal communication, to nurturing the developer community. At DevRev, people care about people, and we use design to express our love to make everyone's day-to-day life a little more enjoyable.
What are we looking for
As a Marketing Design Lead, you'll lead a multidisciplinary team of designers to tell compelling stories about DevRev's vision, mission, products and events, both externally and internally. You will closely partner with the Head of Marketing to establish DevRev's visual brand identity, through a Marketing Design System that brings consistent modern visual languages to various communication media, such as websites, videos and social media posts.
  • Creative Thinker: Able to generate new and innovative ideas to create effective visual content
  • Design Sensibility: Has a keen eye for design trends and a passion for creating modern, memorable visual experiences
  • Strong Design Skills: Proficient in design software, with the ability to create high-quality visual content that aligns with marketing objectives
  • Marketing Knowledge: Solid understanding of marketing principles and tactics, including branding, messaging, and target audience segmentation
  • Project Management: Ability to manage multiple projects, maintain quality, and meet deadlines
  • Collaboration: Ability to work collaboratively with cross-functional teams to understand their needs and preferences and to articulate design concepts and ideas clearly
  • Communication: Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Leadership: Ability to lead a team of designers, providing guidance, feedback, and mentoring to ensure alignment with design goals and objectives.
About DevRev:
Our mission is to connect makers (Dev) to customers (Rev). When every employee adopts a “product-thinking” mindset, customer-centricity transcends from a department to become a culture.

DevRev was founded by Dheeraj Pandey, former CEO of Nutanix and Manoj Agarwal, former executive at Nutanix. Dheeraj founded Nutanix and led the company to the biggest technology IPO in 2016. Both Dheeraj and Manoj left the company to found DevRev. We announced our seed funding, ($ 85M+) one of the largest ever in the history of Silicon Valley.