Lead Product Designer

Looking for a full-stack product designer, someone really good at designing for b2b and has led a team before.
4 - 6 Years
Founded In
25 - 30
New York
25 - 35 L
3.5 M
About the role
We’re building our founding team and are looking for a founding product designer, who can take ownership of product design.
Your primary roles and responsibilities will evolve over time as the team grows. These will include:
  • Work with founders, to understand business objectives and customer insights.
  • Work with product, engineering and customers to co-create the product with early customers.
  • Build a design strategy, establish high quality design processes, and create a strong design culture through collaboration, empathy, feedback, and customer-centricity..
  • Prepare wireframes, mockups, and prototypes to take ideas from inception to execution.
  • Confidently communicate and influence design decisions while welcoming cross-functional collaboration.
  • Drive user research to identify problems and experiment with solutions; inform the product roadmap by advocating for user needs.
  • Assist in developing and maintaining Zenskar’s visual identity, while also ensuring consistency across all collateral.
  • Maintain a well-organized digital asset library, ensuring all design files are properly labeled, version-controlled, and easily accessible for team members.
  • Strategize, develop, and extend the visual design systems and pattern libraries.
  • Build and manage a team of junior designers (or interns) with required skills (product/graphic/illustration design) to match our requirements as we scale.
Key qualifications
  • 4+ years of experience in product design, with experience of working with at least one SaaS product.
  • Ability to obsess over user experience and journey, keeping it central in your design thinking process, and spend as much time thinking about “why” as you do “how”.
  • Solid understanding and interest in modern UX/UI design principles for B2B SaaS products.
  • Aesthetic appeal - you have an eye for beautiful designs / visuals and an understanding of how small nuances interact to create a seamless, intuitive design.
  • Self-driven individual with high ownership and strong work ethic.
  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written.
  • Ability to turn complex design problems into beautiful, intuitive solutions.
  • Ability to collaborate with cross-functional teams to define, design and ship new features.
  • Expertise at product thinking & user empathy; being able to identify the key user needs and connect them with effective solutions.
  • Excellent craft skills, such as visual storytelling, pixel-perfect UI design, and prototyping.
  • Ability to conduct user research studies.
  • Experience leading multiple projects while sharing work with other product designers and collaborating with cross-functional leadership.
  • Ability to build, manage, and motivate a team of junior designers/interns.
  • Entrepreneurial mindset.
  • Not taking yourself too seriously :).
Additional skills (good to have)
  • Basic understanding of Frontend principles and modern web technologies modern web technologies (such as Tailwind CSS, React) to work with the team from an engineering point of view..
  • Experience in startup environments; being able to work in a fast-paced environment with lots of ambiguity.
Design @ Zenskar
Zenskar aims to bring consumer grade design to an enterprise product. We are obsessed over having everyday folks be able to understand and use complex software. So, although what we are building is complicated, we are focused on designing it in a way that is both accessible by non-technical users and extendible by technical users.

Our brand identity and visual language are crucial tenets that will enable us to stand out from the incumbents in a crowded market, while projecting key traits that customers look for in a financial product - trust, security, and accuracy.

We have an extremely high bar for the individuals we hire, as you will realize when you meet the rest of the team 🙂
What you can expect
  • Ownership and autonomy: As a founding team member, you have immense responsibility. You own and drive the execution.
  • Learning: You will work on challenging problems and engage in some of the most meaningful work of your life.
  • Culture: —  We don’t take ourselves too seriously, and know how to have fun :) Health of our team is most important to us. Balance work with life - be productive, not busy.
  • Engineering culture:
    Our culture is deeply focused on iterating quickly, deploying quickly, and having a great developer experience. We build our deployment pipelines first so that developers can get feedback on software as soon as they build it, leading to quick iterations. You can expect to get your code deployed at least once a day. To enable the above, we need to have a great testing infrastructure that goes hand in hand with the software being built. Being remote first, we thrive via async communication.
  • Flexibility: Work remotely, wherever you are in the world.
  • Compensation: We offer a competitive salary.
  • Benefits : For our team we offer health insurance, a generous vacation policy, learning and development budget, maternity and paternity benefits , team events and company offsite and company laptop.