Design Recruiter

Are you great with people, love social media, and understand business? Do you enjoy working with creative minds? If so, this could be your perfect opportunity to shine!
0 - 5  Years
Who are we?
We are BeingUser, a remote and a boutique recruitment agency specialized into design hiring from India. Our goal is to team up with the best tech companies in India and help them create amazing design teams. We assist our partner companies in finding top talent in Product Design, Visual Design, User Research, and UX Writing. 

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What are we looking for?
As a design recruiter, you will play an important role in helping us find right designers, UX researchers, and UX writers for our clients. You'll chat with creative people and help them by matching them with right roles. 

If you're good at talking to people, love social media, and understand business, this is your chance to shine! 🚀
What do we expect from you? ⚡
  • You have a degree in any creative field like design, fine arts, fashion, architecture, psychology, user research, or mass media.
  • You know a bit about design, user research, design thinking, and UX writing.
  • You're willing to learn new design skills to better understand what designers do and how they fit into open positions.
  • You have strong people and communication skills, and you love connecting with people and helping them in their design careers.
  • You're a bit tech-savvy and stay updated on design and tech trends.
  • You think like a salesperson and can meet hiring goals, develop sourcing strategies, and find great candidates.
  • You're good at managing various social media platforms.
  • Prior tech hiring experience is a plus, but not required – we value the right attitude and skills.
What will you get to work on 🚀
  • Understand what our clients need in a hire, find the right design candidates, and get in touch with them.
  • Come up with strategies to find the best talent for our partner companies.
  • Build a strong network of Designers in India.
  • Talk to candidates on Linkedin, Twitter, WhatsApp, and other social media, as well as by phone.
  • Review design portfolios and pick the best candidates for the job.
  • Write creative blogs and articles about the latest trends in tech hiring, common issues job seekers face, and the job market.
Why join us? 🤔
  • Work closely with the top design leaders, HRs, and designers from leading product tech companies in India. Learn from their experience.
  • Enjoy the flexibility of remote work and choose your own working hours.
  • Be part of a small team with a focus on niche work, providing you with an opportunity for ownership and learning across various business functions.
Meet our team here👇
Sanjay Raval
Founder, Designer & Recruiter

Devika Nair
Customer success & talent partner